Illustration is attractive

Take your kid to a bookstore or a library and ask him/her to pick books and you would see how they go collecting books just for those beautiful illustrations depicted on them. Even you get them a similar book with the exact beautiful wordings sans the illustrations it is unlikely they will choose to have it in their collections because such is the power of illustration. Illustrated messages are attractive because they are colorful, artistic and interesting. Even before the arrival of ‘colored’ illustrations, the black and white images were undoubtedly interesting but adding colors to them made the images more fascinating and eye-capturing too. When you see a flyer at your doorstep, I’m sure you wouldn’t spend a millisecond of your time to go through the scintillating texts that depict the flyer’s purpose to you and rather if the same would have been replaced or added with artistic images you could have quickly understood it’s meaning and whether it is relevant to you or your household.

A visual image is always appealing because you could relate to it more meaningfully as the images capture your heart’s attention instantly. When your heart is sold-out need I say explicitly that you are totally sold-out? What could be more beneficial for a business than to have sold-out, loyal patrons which could only mean prosperity and growth in every walk of their successful journey?