Tedious message conveyed simpler with illustration

Any message, be it small or long is always well understood with illustrations. This is the reason why school books have illustrations. An image sticks to your mind longer than words. It is always easier to recollect an image rather than a bunch of words. The same concept holds true for companies too.

 Say you are a technology oriented company creating some technical tools that could be used both for personal and business purposes. It is only natural for the first-time users to look for guidance on how to operate your tool properly. Remember, all your users need not be tech savvies and there are still thousands of people trying to cope up with the technicalities of technology and hence would not be so quick in understanding your technical guidance messages or manuals.

 In this case, it would be more sensible to resort to user guidance with illustrations, rather than detailing them with technical jargons, which could be difficult for the non-technical people to decode appropriately. That is, instead of saying click here, open this tab etc. if you show that in illustrations anybody could decipher it properly and would with ease operate your tool effectively. This shows how illustrations can convey tedious messages in a more simplified form welcomed even by the unfamiliar users.

 Not only technical messages or user guidance even the purpose of your business can be conveyed meaningfully with illustrations so that it reaches every common man effectively. With illustrated messages, it is easier for you to attract naive customers like kids, who could become the ultimate brand ambassadors paving way for the successful growth of your business. So, next time when you plan to convey the message to the intended users don’t forget to accentuate it with illustrations so that they create the right impact among the right mass of audiences.

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